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                aluminum cold rolling mill-1850 cold rolling Mill


                Description of rolling process
                The four-weight irreversible aluminum cold rolling mill is made of aluminum casting rolling or hot rolled coil. After several times rolling, it can be rolled out the finished product, which provides billet mill for the finishing and aluminum foil production. The rolling range of rolling mill is the material thickness: 5.0-7.0mm. Finished product min  thickness: 0.5 mm.
                The rolling mill has an advanced automatic control system AGC. And has perfect plate type control means, can provide tilt roll, work roll the positive and negative bending control, a variety of control mode roll segmented cooling, the rolling thickness precision of the products and the plate type precision optimization; The mill is highly automated, and the dc motor is supplied by the advanced all-digital thyristor, and the PLC (programmable controller) is adopted to perform numerical logic operation, parameter setting and automatic process control. In addition, the mill is equipped with all kinds of auxiliary system, such as the accurate automatic strip of system, safe and reliable in CO2 automatic fire extinguishing system, lubricating system, dry air purging device, smoke recycling equipment, etc., to produce excellent products provide a reliable guarantee.

                1850 colding rolling mill Technical parameters

                aluminum alloy: 1000 series ,3000 series,5000 series,6000 series,8000 series

                mother coil thickness: 3.0mm-8.0mm  mother coil  width: 950mm-1700mm   1850 colding rolling mill

                Aluminum coil thickness:0.5mm-5.0mm  width:950mm-1700mm

                ID: diametre 665mm (Does not include steel sleeve, diameter 610mm)

                OD: diametre 2400 mm

                steel sleeve size: diametre 605 mm/665mm *1900mm

                Max weigth: 18000kg

                 Roll size:

                work roll: phi 380/ phi 360 x 1900mm; Hardness, HS97 ~ 100

                support roll: phi 960/ phi 920 x 1850mm; Hardness, HS70 ~ 75

                maximum rolling force: 10000 KN.

                Maximum static output torque: 120KNm.

                Opening tension and speed: opening tension: 1.2 ~ 75KN; Maximum opening speed: 355/900 m/min.

                Volume tension and speed: volume tension: 0.9 ~ 70KN; Maximum speed: 545/1380 m/min.

                Wear speed: 12 ~ 18 m/min.

                Maximum rolling speed: 1200 m/min.

                The rate of road pressure: 20 ~ 60%.

                Process lubrication medium: coal base lubricating medium.

                Oil supply: 5500 L/min. Thin oil lubrication system flow: 500 L/min.

                Compressed air consumption: 30 Nm3 / min. Circulating water consumption: 180m3 / h.

                Smoke exhaust system: 120000 Nm3 / h. Rolling line elevation: + 1100mm.


                drum increases range: from 570 ~ 620 mm

                uncoiling tension range: 1.2 ~ 75 kn top gear

                uncoiling largest speed: 900 m/min

                top gear tension range: 1.2 ~ 30 kn

                biggest uncoiling low gear speed: 355 m/min

                low gear tension range: 3.5 ~ 75 kn

                decoiler drive motor (2) : power: 245 kw, speed: 330/1200 r/min

                rectifying trip: + 100 mm,

                reel machine (drum for hydraulic pressure increases and rectangular pyramid structure)

                scroll up shrink range: from 595 ~ 610 mm

                coiling tension range: 0.9 ~ 70 kn

                top gear maximum coiling speed: 1380 m/min

                top gear tension range: 0.9 ~ 26 kn

                low gears maximum coiling speed: 545 m/min

                low gear tension range: 2.1 ~ 70 kn

                coiler drive motor (3) : power: 245 kw, speed: 330/1200 r/min

                 Preset device: deflection roller diameter:  250mm,Diameter of flattening roller: 180mm
                Volume withdrawal device: partial roller motor: power 5KW, rotating speed: 1340/1800r/min

                offset roller dimension: phi 250 x 1850mm

                pressure roll size: phi 175 x 800mm

                belt type coater: support volume strap specification: (thick x width) 8 x 800mm;

                Roll diameter measuring device () are measured with laser: roll diameter measuring range: from 610 to 2400 mm

                measuring accuracy: plus or minus 2 mm

                coil storage device: storage volume Max: 5 roll

                process oil lubrication system 

                oil supply capacity: 5500 L/min

                oil supply pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.7 MPa

                oil temperature: 35 ~ 42 ℃ + 3 ℃

                filtering ability:6000 l/min  filtration precision: 0.5 ~ 5 microns

                The hydraulic system

                maximum working pressure: 18 mpa

                bending roll system maximum working pressure: 16 mpa

                auxiliary system working pressure: 10 mpa

                roll changing vehicle hydraulic system working pressure: 8 mpa

                working pressure in the system: 10 mpa

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