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                Classification of aluminum tread plates

                 Classification of aluminum tread plates

                1, five bars aluminium tread plate: five bars anti-slip aluminum checkered plate is also called the willow leaf pattern aluminium tread plate.It has good anti-skid ability, and is widely used in the design of building (floor) platform.Because the pattern on the surface of the aluminum sheet is in accordance with article 5 the relative parallel arrangement of concave and convex decorative pattern and each pattern and other patterns between 60-80 degrees Angle, so this kind of pattern has excellent antiskid performance.This kind of aluminium plate is usually used in the domestic market, which has good anti-slip effect and cheap price.aluminum tread plate.jpg

                2, the 2 bars aluminum checkered plate: non-slip aluminum plate, and five bar have the same effect, but not often used

                3, orange peel aluminum  embossed plate is divided into: classic orange pattern aluminum plate, the variation pattern of skin of orange peel embossed aluminum plate.Its surface is similar to orange peel, so it can be called orange peel embossed aluminum plate.It is the refrigerator, air conditioner and the packaging commonly used decorative pattern series products.

                 4, Rhombus embossed aluminum plate is the commonly used one kind of style, anti-slip aluminum plate with good prevent slippery effect, mainly used in cars, platform non-slip, cold storage non-slip floor, workshop floor antiskid, elevator slippery.

                5, Cobblestone embossed aluminum plate  can be called the semicircle spherical decorative pattern and Cobblestone embossed aluminum plate, surface rendering a a small ball pattern, like a small pearls, so the aluminum plate can be pearl pattern aluminum plate.Mainly used in outer packing.The appearance is more beautiful, because the special of the pattern, the intensity of this aluminum plate is much higher than other decorative series.

                6, other aluminum decorative pattern material: wavy pattern material, water ripple aluminum decorative pattern plate, corrugated pattern aluminum plate (also can be a aluminum watts), the cane makes up grain pattern aluminum plate, three-dimensional triangular aluminum decorative pattern plate, aluminum plate strip decorative pattern, cobble aluminum decorative pattern plate, aluminum decorative pattern plate, triangle strip pattern aluminum plate, the butterfly pattern aluminum plate etc.

                7. Diamond-shaped aluminum tread plate plates: used in packaging pipes or outer packing.

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