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                The advantage of the 5454 aluminum coil /sheet for the tank car

                 The 5454 aluminum plate /sheet/coil is a high strength aluminum plate of aluminum-magnesium alloy in the aluminum processing industry, because the 5454 aluminum sheet material is lighter than the steel weight,it has good corrosion resistance, weldable performance and excellent corrosion resistance.It is these excellent properties, 5454 aluminum is widely used in 5454 aluminum coil.jpgmaritime vessels, as well as cars, aircraft components, light rail, subway fire resistance of pressure vessel (such as liquid tanker, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated container), etc.5454 tanker aluminum plate in the transport vehicle main feature is that good durability and corrosion resistance, relative to the requirements equal weight goods, because the tanker is made of 5454 aluminum plate,the 5454 aluminum tank material is light, the whole vehicle itself reduce, at the same time, can achieve the effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction.
                In the area of transportation, the car body of the tanker is the first to use steel as raw materials, and the disadvantages of the steel in the tank car are also reflected slowly over time.The steel makes the tank body material heavy, and the corrosion resistance is not good, reducing the service life of the tanker.Not only that, after make engineering vehicles in use, and transportation of liquid oils in contact of tank, corrosion for a long period of time, the thickness of the material of tank will become more and more thin, can not meet the pressure testing standards prescribed by the state.
                The process of substituting steel for the present aluminum can has been well demonstrated.after using the tanker six years,when testing it,the tanker to be force scrapped .With the development and upgrading of the aluminum plate of 5454 tanker, its excellent corrosion resistance, weldability and other characteristics are reflected in the body manufacturing.The same thickness of 5454 aluminum plate corrosion time for up to 15 years, and also as the same size of the tank, its weight is reduced by about 25%, reduce the fuel consumption, achieved the energy conservation and emissions reduction, greatly improving the vehicle use fixed number of year, stanker.jpgo more and more many car manufacturers adopt 5454 tanker aluminum plate as the raw material of car body manufacturing.at same time,avoid the greater loss of traffic accidents during transit.
                Along with the development of the logistics transportation, the market is growing demand for large trucks, truck carriage body is made of aluminum alloy plate, in previous years, it used the steel plate in a lot of industry , but after some time, has found that the steel plate is easy to rust, corrosion, and shorten the service life of the truck.Currently on the market gradually that used aluminum instead of steel plate,the aluminum alloy plate has good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, rust resistance, excellent characteristics, in addition to the quality of the aluminum alloy plate is relatively lighter than steel plate, it is a very good choice for use in a boxcar car body.
                aluminum tanker.jpg

                The common car body aluminum plate is 5083, 5454 alloy plate,the 5 series alloy mainly aluminum-magnesium alloy, it has good corrosion resistance, good welding property, good cold processing, and moderate strength.A wide range of applications, especially in the construction industry, is the most promising alloy.Henan Changyuan aluminum research department now to look at new product applications, constantly develop new products, for the survival and development of the company has brought great momentum, Henan Changyuan aluminum 5 series products have rich experience, can produce a good product, of course, inseparable from good equipment tools, Changyuan company has the world's leading production equipment, to ensure that the surface of the aluminum plate is not appear flaw, vibration mark, flash and other defects, excellent product quality to win the favour of the industry market, with the development of the car body market,Changyuan aluminum car body materials coverage will be higher.



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